All I want for Christmas is--


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Place your Christmas wish list here, just for funsies.

Here's mine:

World Peace,

My son home from the Navy for Christmas,

Then I get greedy:

Laser polo shirt:, flamingo pink or white, medium

Any of the Eileen Quinn CDs,

Celestial Navigation for Yachtsmen_ by Mary Blewitt

Cushion caps for the Laser

Sticky race gloves, fingerless


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Just in case you have forgotten that Christmas is this month, the forum software has decided to remind you at the top of the page!! Well it made me chuckle when I saw it.

I have less noble Christmas desires.....I'm hoping for 2.8ghz iMac...


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1. 100 sailors sending emails promising to show up at the 25th Easter Laser Regatta

2. The establishment of a system where Mexicans who wish to immigrate to the US can SIMPLY apply to a BRIBE PROOF authority, receive rapid response with a date and place for entry (Rapid means days not weeks or months), and then participate in a process where they can LEGALLY follow through the steps of coming here, doing a citizenship program, and then pass some standardized test and become naturalized Citizens of the US.
Sponsorship by a US based employer (like me) who will GUARANTEE employment for seven years should provide a potential immigrant with nearly automatic entry status to the program.
From I really cheap just got, a new Magic Marine deck-cover for my Laser "Manatee" and a nice Magic Marine "tank-top racing shirt" (one of those Lycra shirts one wear over the buoyancy aid). Now, my sailing equipement for the season 2008 is complete.

Some things of my personal list to Santa Claus:

- To all those, that are far away form home and try "last minute" to get home, that they have success with this.

- that all have some peaceful and cosy days, during Christmas

and for me:

- that in 2008 I get the chance to sail Laser (and probably this days the sun nice shines and I get some nice breezes... :) ) This year I not had the chance to sail much, unfortunatlely.


Merrily, my wish for you: Your other son does arrive at Columbus/OH just in time, too. :)