Alcort Sailfish - For Sale - late 60's early 70's

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All original Alcort SailFish for Sale. Fiberglass. Should be a great start for a restoration project. Purchased from Original owner 10 yrs ago. Stored inside for all these years. All parts seem to be original. Needs someone who can restore and sail again.

All wood parts seem good
Sail is mainly OK, small holes need repairing
Hull seems OK, might need a bit of work

Please see Pictures in my album, - go to member list find my ID "woofie". In there is a picture album with more pictures.

No Trailer, must pick up
Looking for around $300.00
Please leave message here if interested


Hi! Very interested in your sunfish! Just a few questions! How extensive are the holes in the sail, and any damage to the hull? Is all the rigging present? Do you know if it still floats? When was the last time it was sailed? You can contact me at Thanks so much!
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Yes, Still for sale

There were some previous questions that I answered and I will post them here.

[FONT=Arial,sans-serif]Does it still float, last time in the water?

I have actually never had it in the water. So cannot answer it. however
I would not see why it would not. I cannot see any cracks or holes in the hull.

When was the last time it was sailed?

I have no clue. But I can guess. I bought it from my old Boss about 10 years ago. he was the original owner from what I can tell. He is a sailboat person, etc. He was about 59 years old at the time. He used it with his kids when they were young. And I think the kids might have sailed it when then were in their teens.So I would guess about 20 years ago at least.

However, the boat was stored inside all this time. He had it stored in his garage all this time and I had it stored in my basement for 8 years and 2 years in my garage. So it has been away from the elements.

How extensive are the holes in the sail?

[/FONT][FONT=Arial,sans-serif]1/4" or less size holes. I would say maybe 10 or 12.
At the bottom or side there is a 1 inch by 1/2 inch (right angle) tear. beside a few stains, thats it.

Is all rigging present?

Everything seems to be there but original. So the rope may need to be replaced and some items that don't last 30 years. it may be missing a pulley or a clip, I am not sure

Please make sure you look at all the photos in my album on sunfish forum.

[/FONT]If still interested please let me know
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