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ALCORT Fish Autographed by Al, Cort and Bruce

signal charlie

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Came across a photo in the Yahoo Group Sunfish_Sailor photos, uploaded by japfister in 2003. Does anyone have any information on the photograph or the boat, autographed by Alex, Cort (ALCORT) and Bruce? I haven't figured out if it is a Sailfish or Sunfish yet, the side seems to tuck back quick like the Sailfish. She's old, check out the yoke on the boom. Or any info on the person who uploaded the photo?

Autographed ALCORT.jpeg

Breeze Bender

Breeze Bender
I just saw that same photo over at the yahoo site- as many may know the yahoo sunfish sailor group (and all yahoo groups) won’t be active after the end of the month. I’m trying to figure out how to save my albums and some files.
Anyway, that’s a great photo (thanks for saving it, SC!) I would also love to hear any updates on this historic boat.