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Alcort Catfish for sale

Robert fleming

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I have inherited an Alcort Catfish catamaran with trailer. I am interested in selling it but have no idea if there is an interest in it. The last time it was in the water was 1985. It has been garage kept. I have the original sales documents and handbook. It has most all of its rigging but I'm not sure what is missing. Is there anyone who can give me some information on the Catfish and possible value? I am in Colorado and my email: robertradfordfleming@gmail.com


Bob fleming

Cactus Cowboy

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Signal Charlie is your man in that respect... he has a thread or two on the Catfish here at this site. I'd like to buy one for these lakes in Arizona, but unfortunately, now is not the time... :confused:

Cactus Cowboy

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SC will be along in due time, he'll give ya the beta (info) on the Catfish... and there's definitely interest in the boat, if my life were running a bit more smoothly right now I'd drive up there and bag it myself, aye? Meh, so it goes... we can't all be nautical heroes 24/7/365, LOL. :rolleyes:

signal charlie

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Hi Bob

Congratulations on your Catfish, she is quite a unique boat. There is always an interest in classic small boats. The documents and handbook would be fun to see. Alcort didn't make many, they came out around 1965 and AMF discontinued them in the late 60s, but not before they stole the rudder design and put it on the Sunfish. You can look through our blog and see how she is rigged. Hopefully you have the rudders and the sail, those are impossible to find.

I think the value would be along the same lines of an older Sunfish, depends on condition of all the parts. $600 for a crusty boat up to $1800 for a ready to sail boat with good gelcoat, nice spars, good sail and all the blades. We paid $500 for ours in rough shape but she had all her parts.

Alcort Catfish SMEDLEY

What color is she? And what other questions do you have?