Alcort bronze plaque

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If anyone knows where I can find one of the old plaques that had Alcort's name on it (i believe), that used to be on the Sailfish, I think near the mast step, it would be greatly appreciated! The Super Sailfish that I have did not have one, and may not have ever had one, but it would be an amazing addition to the boat if I could find one.
Thanks everyone!
If it is like the bronze plaque that was on the older Sunfish it would also have had the serial number of the boat on it so I don't think they would have been available as parts. To get one you would have to find someone that has parted out unusable boats and that may not be a part they would have removed.
If you have the Super Sailfish MkII (fiberglass) the plaque was probably aluminum. It would be serialized to the original boat if you do find one.

BTW, photo credit for this and the previous image goes to the Sunfish Sailors group at and their members who posted these pictures


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Alright, thank you guys. It actually is the one from the wooden era that I'm looking for, but if it's as rare as you say, this might just be an impossible quest. But thank you for the info!
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