Alan Glos and buying stuff from him .....

I picked up a daggerboard from Alan’s recent post in the sunfish for-sale area. I was a little hesitant based on the no-electronic payment, thus leaving me without protection. My fears were eliminated when the purchase went through as smoothly as could be. Alan was very receptive and had amazing communication through the purchase and shipping. Daggerboard arrived well packed, though I questioned the sheer volume of duct tape used on that poor box!!

I rolled the dice so you don’t have to. @Alan S. Glos is one of the good guys and I won’t hesitate to buy from him again!!

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Alan sent me one of his rudder upgrade kits, the rudder/tiller was really nicely done, came with the backer plate, gudeon, beckson inspection port, hardware, instructions, everything you need for the job, even a little piece of trim to hide where the old rudder was on the deck. Sent exactly what he said he would and could not beat the deal anywhere else. I would not hesitate one bit purchasing from Allen.