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Not my first post but I am new to the forum(s) in the last two-three weeks.
Grew up on the Hudson River just a few tacks south of Albany.
Learned to sail with my "Uncle Larry" in his homemade boat and his Lightning.
Also sailed a Widgeon with one of my HS Social Studies teachers.
I sailed Lasers and Sunfish while in the Navy from '76-'81.
Also during those years accumulated over twelve months Under the water on Nuclear Powered Fast Attack Submarines as a "Spook Rider".
Recently, while I was in the middle of outfitting a pre 1953 Grumman Canoe with a sail rig from www.Sailboatstogo.com and after moving to a Condo on Mascoma Lake, NH I discovered an abandoned AMF Alcort Sunfish in the weeds behind the dumpsters. Checked with the local Police and the Property Management company and since it had been there for two to four years and there were no other claims on it, and it was not anchored (rule of the high seas) I made a salvage claim and am in the long process of fixing it up while enjoying it to the max.
Somebody ditched the boat in the weeds behind the dumpsters.
Two sails with booms and spars but no mast, dagger board, or rudder and tiller.
First time out was with a dagger board cut from a piece of 3/4" plywood 9" x 48" and using a canoe paddle as a rudder.
Second day out I fashioned a better rudder from a rowboat oar in a 1/2" copper pipe hangar for a rowlock and I rigged the mainsheet different.
Sail was from my sailing canoe.
Canoe mast was 1-1/8" diameter, stuck it in a piece of 1-1/4" PVC inside a piece of 2" PVC that fit in the Sunfish mast hole.
Daughter took the video here:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TjA6-a ... e=youtu.be

Got correct Mast, dagger board and rudder & tiller last weekend.
We be having fun now!


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Hey friends nice video of 15:02 sec with your dog and loving one and where are you going sir wit your yacht