advice on small boat/dinghy purchase

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I am looking at what small sailboat to buy.

Here are some factors to consider:

1) Live near Memphis Tn, so only a small man-made lake within 1 hour drive
2) one-person manning, but would like to take an adult or child guest
3) easily rigged
4) easy on back and knees
5) good in light wind or strong
6) jib a must
7) trailer-able
8) price $10k or less
9) also good on larger bodies of water and wind if transported

I've been looking at the Rs Feva XL. It seems mostly geared to youth, but if it fits the bill, would consider it.

I sailed Hobie 16's over the years, so don't feel a sunfish or the like will satisfy me.

Want something with pep that I can sail on Saturdays in a very limited lake and wind environment.

Does that make sense?