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Advice on seam repair for old Luger kit boat?

Hello sailing friends! I hope it's okay that I would like to ask your advice about a non-Laser boat here? If not, I understand if you need to remove the post!

I found this forum while searching for how to repair a separating seam, and this post in particular was extremely helpful: Hull-deck separation repair There are some folks here who really know their stuff! I just recently bought a little (11') old Luger kit boat. It's been well maintained, but the seam where the deck meets the hull is coming loose. I planned on using PaxFish's advice to dremel out the seam, rough it up and repair with epoxy + filler. However, I'm not sure about a couple things: firstly, should I clamp the parts together as the epoxy sets? Also, what filler would you guys recommend (407?) and how large a section should I do at a time?

I've attached some pictures so you can get an idea of what I'm talking about. I'm fairly handy but I've never done any boat bodywork before: any and all advice on how to go about it is very well appreciated!
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the gapping on the sides of the transom where the boards should be flush and attached at the widest point is about 1/4 inch maybe a little more. I will get some good pictures later.