Advice on a first 22 foot boat

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Have taken sailing lessons and an looking for a smaller boat to continue private lessons on and use in the bay and harbor for the time being.
The two I have found that I am considering that are local, priced at a point where I can afford it, and can go see each boat are:

a 1968 Pearson 22 - No motor, I would add this. Comes with a trailer for winter storage.

a 1984 Seafarer Sloop - Has motor and auto tiller. Not trailer able according to owner would need to have hauled.

Both say they have newer sails, are well maintained, and in good condition ready to be sailed. Price at the end of the day after adding a new motor to the Pearson is roughly a wash so that is not a factor.

Any advice on which would be more appropriate for a novice sailor?

I really want to stick to a smaller boat without all the electronics so I can focus on the basics and learn the sport before graduating to a larger boat a few years down the road.

Thank you in Advance!