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Hi everyone!

It's Andy Long from Santa Rosa up near San Francisco. I'm looking for a Capri 14.2 (or Catalina 14.2) for some friends of mine. A local boat dealer has a couple here locally for $4,000 but we'd rather find one for $2,000 or less. An older boat is ok.

I know there has got to be some sitting around somewhere in the Bay Area but the question is how does one find one. That's why I'm contacting all of you. Any ideas on how we could find one via the web or through classifieds or yacht clubs, etc? Any advice you could provide would be helpful.

Thanks a million,

- Andy Long

Ed Jones

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Have you read the class. ads on this website? Or have you considered posting a wanted ad? It's free, you know. That's the place to do it. This Forum isn't really for that purpose.
I'd also suggest deciding on a radius of how far you're willing to travel and then check the classifieds of the major newspapers in that radius. The internet can make that fairly easy. Then check those ads every day. Good deals will pop up but they usually sell very quickly. Of course, the further out you go, the more inconvenient to inspect the boat's condition. But patience can be rewarding!
2- 1985 capris for sale in Oakland

I have 2- 1985 14.2 capris for sale. Both are located in Oakland, CA at the Lake Merritt Boating Center. I need to sell them ASAP and get them out of there. Nice boats ready to sail. Both have a fixed keel, no trailer. I will consider all offers.

Thanks, Dave Ricks
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