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Advice for those looking for a used sunfish?


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HI. New member and first post. I have read up on as many threads here as I can and have read advice on other websites re sunfish sailboats. I see two in my area i'd be interested in but would like to know your opinions. I would like a trailer. I'm not too too old just yet, but old enough that I don't want to hoisting a sunfish on my SUV roof. One shoulder surgery is enough! Can you give me opinions on these postings and what I should be asking? I'm guessing the last two look like they're being sold by the same person given the location and the garage looks the same.

I have an ericson 27 that has taught me a ton and I made a lot of mistakes on the front end as it was my first boat. Ended up being a project boat for the first few years. I could sail it from the start but spent a lot of time on the hard fixing things, changing out an inboard ($$$ painful). I know the sunfish is much simpler but if i learned anything it's to get opinions of those more knowledgeable before buying. Thank you. Jay

Sunfish with trailer

Sunfish sailboat 2015 Excellent cond.

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The older one should weigh no more than 130 or so. If it really weighs 250+ forget about it, but it could be that the owners cannot estimate weight well and guessed.

The new one has several advantages. It has the new hydrofoil centerboard vs the old “slab” style so you will point higher and tack faster. The new cut sails have more shape so that helps too. The old metal edge boats are less comfortable than the new ones. It is towards the end of the season so maybe you can get a deal on the newer one. It’s fairly priced but a deal is always a good thing.


Go weigh the one with the trailer. If it’s heavy, skip it. But as Beldar said, they might have just guessed, and if the weight it fine, that’s not a bad deal, especially with the trailer.

The newest one looks nice too, I’d try to get a better price for it being end of season.


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You're lucky—it looks like you can go to one place and view two Sunfish. :cool: The seller may want to keep (just) one for himself, so keep that in mind as you ask, "If you could keep one, which one would be 'surplus'?" :)

The trailer can be a new one from Harbor Freight, or a used one originally sold with (one or two) Jet-Skis bought cheap. (The latter will be galvanized). IMO, both trailer types are over-sprung, but that can be remedied using a $10 Harbor Freight grinder or an acetylene torch. Many trailer discussions can be found by using the "Search" icon ( ) at this forum.

The details seem to be mismatched. :confused: The "overweight" Sunfish on the grass hasn't seen a buyer in 2 months—and the seller didn't mention the trailer next to it. :oops:

If you want a better selection of used Sunfish for yourself, use "Wanted to Buy" on Craigslist.

"Sunfish, condition unimportant, but must be complete. Paying $150 for the Sunfish, $50 for a small trailer."
You'd be surprised how many Sunfish are out there, "taking up room". :eek:

But first, I'd look at the Sunfish with the Corgi puppy next to it. ;)