Advice for mooring to buoy

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We have a Capri 14.2 that we keep on a lake with mooring buoys. I realize that it's silly, but I just haven't found a good solution to tying up to these buoys.

Originally, I used rope, which I would run through the forward eye at the base of the forestay. This didn't work at all well for me. The eye does not have rounded edges, so the rope would chafe. Also, it was very difficult to moor --- the way our lake works, you have to tow your boat out to the mooring buoy using a rowboat (for reasons too involved to go into here). I found that on a windy day, I simply couldn't fend the rowboat off the Capri, stay in position, and tie a bowline.

My next attempt was to get a mooring chain, with carabiners at each end. This made mooring much, much easier. Now I could simply clip it onto the buoy with one hand, while fending off the rowboat. But when I clipped the carabiner onto the eye at the base of the forestay, it would bang against the prow of the Capri, scuffing and damaging the hull and deck.

This seems like such a simple question --- I just don't have an answer for it!