Advice appreciated.

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My wife and I have recently started talking about getting sailboat. Neither of currently know how to sail, but have been looking into classes.

We're looking to get one for next year, but honestly dont really have a clue what to look for.

We want something we could stay out on for a weekend possibly a week at the most. We have 3 young kids, and most nights we end up with 4 of us in our bed, so a huge sleeping area isnt necessary.

We would be sailing on lake erie in ohio. Looking for something to relax on and fish from. Not concerned about speed, but something more stable ao our kids and us can get used to the water.

Based off what we've looked at on craigslist we would like to spend around $6000. We're clueless about brands and different keels. Just looking for some advice so we know what to start looking for.

Thanks in advance.
Well for 6000. Your somwhat limited, with a fam of 5 anything under 26-27 will be too cramped 27 will still be tight but doable. Look for a catalina or coronado 27 the ladder has good freeboard, the distance from the water to the deck. So it will have good standing headroom. The cat will typically cost more but are good light condition sailers. Ericson is good, ranger, cal 28, but no matter what 6k your gonna have to look hard. May you have fair winds and calm seas.