Adjusting forestay for neutral helm

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I'm not a racer, but I do love to tinker and try to get the most out of my 14.2 . I'm a bit confused as to how the forestay should be measured, in a quest for optimum mast rake. according to the one design rules the maximum length allowed is 15' 3 3/4". my bare forestay measures 15' 2 1/4" but with the adjuster attached and mounted as usual, it measures 15' 6 1/4" pin to pin overall. I would think the one design rules would use an overall measurement, including any adjusters, to remain consistant…….. or maybe not??? My standing rigging is all new this year from Catalina, so I assume it would be std length as the boat was designed, but then I see in the 14.2 owners manual they call for 15' 3 1/4".
I've heard of manufacturing tolerances, but this is getting ridiculous ;) .

any guidance appreciated,
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I happened to run across a tuning guide for the 14.2 at: Guides/north-capri14-tuningguide.pdf

This was very helpful, as it gave me a design spec measurement from the top of the mast to the transom to shoot for, to attain optimum mast rake (or at least a great starting point). I swapped for a longer forestay turnbuckle, and adjusted the shroud lines shorter, in order to pull the mast back enough to get in spec, but it wasn't a big deal.
As it was, my mast was raked a bit too far forward:

Now I'm just waiting for a decent sailing day to go test out the theories ;)