Adjustable Traveler

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Just an idea you may want to try. I too have taken many suggestions from experts on rig tuning. Most tell you that tying two knots in the center of traveler will improve mild to moderate wind performance. That is correct, however, there are times when you will want the traveler to the leeward side such as in higher wind conditions. Similarly, and as most larger boats allow, you may want the traveler to windward of centerline such as in very mild conditions or very tight hauled.

I have rigged a very simple solution on my 14.2. It is simply a short piece of 5/16 line run through the traveler block with knots on each side. Run the line as shown in the picture with either a "taut line hitch" or better still a "rolling hitch" The picture depicts a taut line hitch, but I've since found that a rolling hitch works a little better. There is no harm if either were to come apart while sailing but they wont.

You can adjust this line by sliding it windward or leeward as needed, and/or increasing or decreasing the distance between knots (effective the play) in block traveler. Or if wind dictates, simply remove it all together. This can be done in a second and without removing the traveler, a nice thing when an unexpected blow comes up and you are well away from shore.

Make sure to tie the knots as shown with two locking modes or directions towards each other, NOT away. Otherwise, you are guaranteed to have them slip. Another alternative is to find a piece of rubber tubing that fits snugly on the traveler line but wont ride through the block. I did this first but found that the rope method worked as well if not better. There are certainly other ways to restrict the traveler and others may work fine but this is inexpensive and works perfectly.


Thanks Rankin... seems like a simple and effective way. I just got through "updating" all the lines on my MOD1 (way overdue, as most were original!)...

Having extra line around, would allow me to try this!

This might be the best solution I have heard to date, short of an actual traveller.
I would try mounting a traveler race (similar to the race for the jib sheets travelers, just longer ) on the top rail of the stern. Add a jam cleat for adjustment instead of a static thumb screw. This will maintain the correct purchase on the main sheet and keep the main sheet astern and save ankles in the cockpit. Otherwise the barney post goes away and you mount a race perpendicular to the gunnels with a traveling main sheet block as in an FJ, 420 or 470. I am not sure the boom wants this much tension focused at the center for a midship main sheet load. By the time you outhaul, downhaul and vang and trim the main from the center of the boom you might distort the sail. A stern mounted traveler would duplicate exising load geometry (replacing the useless triadic traveler line anchored from stbd & port splash rails) and would let you adjust the scope of the traveler for downwind, pointing or heavy air. Look at Hobie Cat stern beam travelers and something similar could be rigged on the top rail of the stern on a 14.2.