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Adjustable hiking strap with cleat in new rule

With the new Laser class rule (rule 17C), we can now use a cleat and shake for the hiking strap. I tried to mimic the configuration listed in the following page as an example (attached the photo also), but it did not work too well for me. It perhaps did not work well because the rope thickness and/or shackle size I used were not very appropriate. Does someone has successful experience on this? If so, could you tell me the size of the parts? Or, there may be some other better configuration?
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Strangely, I do not find much article on this in the internet. Perhaps people may not see much benefit of using cleat? I usually keep the strap rather tight and do not adjust, but when I need to run tight reach course, I would wish I could make it tighter. So I am wondering if the new rule could make this easier.

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I've been totally immersed in Lightning sailing again lately and haven't even taken a look if others are trying out these things.
In the pictured system the turning-point shackle is too close to the cleat - you can't get more than one finger in there to release the line. Also, I think a system with a stationary cleat (not moving with the line when adjusting) would be better so you'd have fewer range-of-adjustment issues.
One would think that a soft and thin line (but one that still doesn't slip in the cleat), and a short shackle with a round cross-section would be best.


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Mine is set up just like the pic. I love it, but have only sailed with it about a dozen times. LaLi has a point. It's still not easy to adjust during a race, but its so much faster than it used to be and most importantly it holds! Currently, I have mine set up for two settings. 1- max tight strap and 2- max loose strap where I have a stopper knot in the line in case the cleat is missed. Surprisingly not much line moves in or out between these two adjustments. Breaking the cleat is hard and then getting it back in takes two hands, but it's still so much easier than before.
Thank you very much for the reply, LaLi and Rob! I will experiment it with a little thiner line and testing different shackle size.
Please bear with me to ask one basic question: What is really the role of the shackle? I was thinking it is to limit the maximum line angle against the cleat when releasing the line (loosening the strap), so if the shackle is too small, we cannot release line from the cleat, can we?


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The shackle is supposed to work like an aft fairlead so you can tighten the line by pulling in any direction. I would think it can't be too small.