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Accidental ratings

Rob Hair

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Today I received a note from another member of this forum who asked me why I had given a negative rating to a post he had made. This came as a surprise to me, since I can't recall ever giving a rating to any posts. While some posts that I read (not the one in question) may not be the comment that I would make, I don't think I have ever felt strongly enough about a post to rate it negatively. So, I decided to check my profile and discovered that I had apparently given quite a number of ratings, both positive and negative, to posts over the years that I have been a member here!

I think that what has happened is a result of my use of my iPad when I participate in this forum. With the iPad I scroll through threads by swiping up or down with my right thumb. It's pretty easy to accidentally "tap" instead of swipe and apparently I have done this a number of times and ended up tapping on one of the rating icons without noticing that a rating was posted!

I can find no easy means for finding such instances so that I can unrate the posts (other than reading several years of threads). So, if I have given anyone a rating that was undeserved, please accept my apologies. It would be nice if the software for this forum required a confirmation for leaving a rating, but I'll just have to be more careful in the future. And, if I or anyone else leaves a rating that doesn't make sense, the person making the rating can be contacted through the "start a conversation" tool.