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AAAAHHHH!! The Wrinkle!!!!


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Help!! when i get close hauled, this ugly wrinkle appears and i can't get rid of it, especially in light winds! what do i do??

it goes from where the two mast sections join and goes diagonally downward towards the clew.

Ross B

that happens on Hyde sails, don't worry about it

at the CISA clinic, they call it the speed wrinkle


Keep in mind the following advice comes from someone who is totally new to laser sailing.

But it sounds like an overbend wrinkle. If I had that, I'd try inducing a little less mast bend. On the laser, you do that by putting on a little less vang.

Thoughts, Ross?


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Oil of Ulan

rub generously into wrinkle

in the morning your sail will be as young and fresh faced as a 16 year old magazine model.

or pull on a whole heap of cunningham and then let it off to your desired setting. Your sail's getting old.

Ross B

back on topic....

yea you can always use DH till you get the desired effect, as Saw said


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is there a nice tight fit between top and bottom sections ? If not the mast can kink rather than bend smoothly making the crease worse. If its loose, apply some tape to the top section plugs so its tighter.

Ross B

like I said, speed wrinkle

that is if we are talking about Full's

a nice and tight fitting mast never hurts either

but if your CRANKED on your vang in 0 knots of wind, it maaaaay be that


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Depends on the age of the sail, with newer sails you leave the wrinkle and don't pull it out with the cunningham, if the sail is older than it is better to pull the wrinkles out with the cunningham.



I also have this crease. Pretty new standard sail. I re-did the tape packing between the two sections the other day to make sure that was not the cause (i.e. they are decently tight now). Crease runs between th e joint between the two mast sections and the clew.

Just ignore it or am I setting the sail wrong or badly ?


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in lighter winds you want that "speed wrinkle" it means your sail is fuller to make this speed wrinkle you shood have no hammy on it will make you go alot faster.In heavier winds you want the hammy on to make that wrinkle go away


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You can get a big magic marker and draw half an old man face centered on the mastand use the wrinkle for next to the eye