A note from Allen of Holt Allen

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hallo to all,
I noted that the following sentance the" Holt Allen parts we have trusted since 1969 have gone"

I hope that I can explain a bit about that, as the allen part of holt allen.

since january of 2008 we have been selling and distributing all the products that were previously sold as holt allen, we have no longer any business or other conections with holt this was brought on by holt our business partners of 52 years buying in to a brazilian company nautos without our prior knowlege!
We now have available all our product range (formaly known as ha ) from stock, we also have lots of new and exiting product being launched all the time.

I hope this makes the situation a bit clearer. do have a look at our web site www.allenbrothers.co.uk.

kim allen.