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A ladder installed-with pictures

pat earing

Can't we sail the Capri instead?
Wild Bill asked that I post pictures-so here they are. Install was really quit easy and only took a bit over an hour.

I used a 4 1/4 hole saw to cut the opening for the Beckson deck plate - quick and accurate (or round if you like)! I made a rookie mistake and followed the transom line for level (despite reading other posts here and understanding why I shouldn't...) so the ladder is 'cocked' a bit. works fine, looks wonky. I can live with that.

The spacers I made from some scrap teak I had laying around. Inside I used maple as I did not have enough teak for a block that size (sorry no picture...). It was approximately 4" by 3" to distribute the load. I chose not to brace between the transom and the cockpit. The bolts were 1/4 inch by 2 1/2 and 1 1/2 long and I used big stainless fender washers and nylock nuts. For the deck plate I used #8-32 with nylocks. What ever you do, do not do that!!! Use a standard nut with a lock washer. Mounting the deck plate was the crux of the whole project and took the most time!

For those who are interested Saheli is Hindi. I have two daughters; Sarah and Hailey. As we were talking about calling the boat sahailey my brotherinlaw (who is from India) said spell it this way. It works as you say Saheli; but, the cool part is it means girl friend... my wife let me have a girl friend! Cool!


Pat a ladder 1.JPG a ladder 3.JPG a ladder 5.JPG a ladder 2.JPG
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Howdy Pat,
Looks great, and if it's not level, you can't really see it. Nice compact installation that will not interfere with the rudder. Hopefully you won't have to use it, but's it's there if you do. Love the name, I also looked at the Seldon (sp) masthead, and wondered if it would be adaptable to the older mast and also if it could be used for the Baby Bob?
Seldon Masthead.jpg