A different kind of tiller tamer

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I've never really been happy with my rope style tiller tamer so I came up with a new method recently. I was changing out the gas struts on the rear hatch of my 2000 Chev metro and thought Huummmmm.
I haven't been able to try this out on the water yet, but sailing across the driveway it works real well ;) very smooth and positive action and a good adjustment range.
I guess I failed miserably at taking photos of the oak adjustment block portion, but I made it by placing another piece of scrap against it and drilling at the part line so a 1/2 round in the oak portion sits on the larger body of the strut and the smaller portion rides against the rod. there's a u-bolt retaining the block to the strut that has an adjustment knob (wing nut) on one leg of the u bolt for friction control. The strut was de-presurized by drilling a 1/16" hole near one end BTW. after the gas escaped, the hole was sealed with JB weld as there's a small amount of oil in the strut as well.
Sorry it's not better detailed, but perhaps it will be food for thought if someone else decides to build a better mousetrap also.
Holds the tiller when solo sailing and you need to go forward to do something like adjust the vang or reach into the cooler for a soda

I use bungee
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I can't imagine not having a tamer of some sort anymore. I single-hand 99% of the time and even during routine tacking it's much easier with a tamer. I rarely lock it down tight, but always have enough tension on it to hold a pretty steady course if I need to let go of the helm momentarily.
My bungee slides through a tarp bungee wrapped on the tiller. Good control and it tends to stay where I put it.

Some previous owner added deck/docking cleats at the back corners and a pair (too close to the fore stay chainplate) on the bow.

The rudder bungee runs from cleat to cleat