A bit pricey?

Perhaps he has the inside track on the latest Laser class debacle. He's trying to profit off of a rare pristine 2012, because there will not be any 2013's. If it was unused, he would be asking $20k.
I remember seeing that they (UK builders) were selling off the ex-olympic boats for more than the RRP (I assumed because they were available and you could turn-up and collect them). Personally I would have expected a discount on a 2nd hand boat, particularly one that had been used in the olympics. But the e-bay one seems rather expensive as well. What does surprise me is that there is no justification for the high price. Nothing like "to buy this gear new would cost you ...". And thus I assume that it may be from somebody who does not sail ? But then the name ? But then they have purchased stuff before? Though I don't use e-bay or PayPal so don't completely understand how these things work and what commission these sites take.


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I found a cached webpage with a much more reasonable price - $4500 buy it now. Actually not a bad deal for a pretty much unused boat WITH trailer. The $15,000 price was probably some sort of shenanigans to avoid paying eBay fees.


Upside down?
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It's a compromise of sorts:
The significant other wants the boat sold (but doesn't have a clue), and the sailor/owner doesn't want to let go.

Anyway, the E-bay auction is over; there were no bidders.