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94 Sunfish - Race Equipped


The boat is newly professionally spray painted with marine paint, pale yellow deck over white hull. It has a race sail with a window, adjustable cunningham, outhaul, and gooseneck. I had an inspection port installed in the cockpit when new. It has the wire traveler, I found and installed the old style (strong) metal rudder cheek plates. I have a Harken swivel, a rachet block, and Harken cam cleat that needs to be reinstalled. It has the white plastic daggerboard. It also has a worn, but still serviceable deck cover. Blue spar-sail bag, visible in photo above gray car. We did not paint the splash rail, or the inside of the cockpit, I did not want to make that area smooth and slippery.
If you want to save several hundred $, I can substitute a lanteen rig and sail in poor, but useable condition, visible in picture under the Sunfish. I do have a 2000 World's Sunfish, just bought a 94 Laser, and want the Sunfish's storage space for a kayak. Delivery within 100 miles of Harrisburg can be arranged.

If you are looking for a used boat that looks new, has a near perfect bottom at half the price of a new boat, here she is. $1899. ewagman@verizon.net