'90 Capri 14.2 keel problem launching

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Has anyone had trouble trailering a 14.2 and launching it, where the keel gets hung up on the trailer. I tried rigging a strap to hold the keel up until it gets in the water... But then the strap gets hung up. I can't back down in the water any further... Till she floats more because it's a small car... With a short wheelbase.
I have that problem unless I make sure the centerboard is "ALL" the way up. A number of times I thought it was all the way up, only to have to climb aboard and raise it the last two or three inches. I stand on the end of it and pull hard on one he ropes that holds it up, just pulling on the rope does not raise it all the way up.
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I've also noticed it falls back down and rests on the axle after I get it on the trailer. And I'm contemplating removing the center roller at the rear of the trailer and putting in two other rollers on either side of where the center roller is. But I'm wondering how that would work trying to get the capri centered back on the trailer.