83' 14.2 #53 resurrection

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anyway. here are the two photos, and a bonus one, in case other registered users don't have permission as well. :rolleyes:


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Weeeeell…. just when the Capri is all spiffed up just the way we wanted it, with plenty of new attributes, a deal came along that I just couldn't pass up on a 25' Macgregor :) . Jennifer likes to travel and we both have loved sailing the 14.2 this summer, so we figure now we'll be able to travel around a bit and explore a few of the more distant lakes, staying in the new boat for a night or two, then moving on to the next lake. We're keeping the 14.2 also, at least for now, as we're thinking we may prefer to use it on a couple of the smaller local lakes for a quick day sail.
They told us that it wouldn't stop with just one sailboat ….. I guess they were right after all ;) .

Bravo! That's a great boat. Make sure you pin the keel if you've dropped it all the way and get into sporty weather... I didn't on Lake Michigan one cruise and am lucky it's only a funny story and not a sad one. On inland lakes we never pinned it when it was completely down because there wasn't much pitching. We rarely even had it completely down due to the shallow waters. One day in huge swells on a wing/wing breezy downwind the keel would swing back as we climbed a wave then fall forward and slam against the stop sliding down a wave... a sickening lurch and noise came with each bang...

I wasn't with experienced crew and I was still a high school kid myself so as bad as the noise sounded I wasn't comfortable handing the tiller over as I went under to sort out whether I could get the pin in. I could see the lighthouses that signaled safety and ultimately made it but experience now would have told me to try anything to stabilize the boat in pitch so I could get down and pin the keel (broad reach between the waves and hope one of my friends could hold the heading till I pinned the keel etc). Best answer is pin the keel if you'll be in deep enough water on the big lakes or blue water before it's a drama which became the routine.

Inland lakes shouldn't be a problem at all and being able to pull up a few inches of keel now and then could make all the cruising difference.

**Definitely consider replacing the keel pivot pin if you're not certain it's in good condition**

Enjoy the overnights, that's good times.
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Sounds like good advise there Pirate. that swing keel weighs about 625 lb and could sure beat up a keel trunk if it wasn't restrained on a big day. our usual "local" lake is about 3500 acre, plenty deep but not generally too nasty, . we're really looking forward to nights out on the lake next summer.