"81 Laser

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Solid '81 Laser - decent sail, spars in good shape w/ bag, all rigging, bag for great looking rudder and center board - Galvanized Trailer w/ new wheels and tires willing to provide pics.
What are you asking for the boat and trailer? Is the boat solid and dry? Any major scratches or defects? Could you send some pix if I gave you my e-mail address?
Where are you located in Michigan?
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Asking $1500 for boat and trailer. Boat is located in Saginaw, MI. The boat is solid. It does have some scratches and minor crazing. After 4 hrs sailing, I have has to drain some water from the boat but never measured how much. Having said that, all people that I have sailed with found it to be in great condition for a "81. I will be happy to send you pics, just need your email. Thanks for the interest.
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Blaine thanks for the interest. Sailing this Sunday at Haithco Lake and Nov. 1 in Tawas. Will be happy to bring the boat along. J
:D Is this Laser possibly for sale still. I live in Michigan and they are hard to find around here. I live in Flint and could come see anytime. Thanks! :D
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Sorry, It is no longer for sale. I do know of another similar Laser for sale in the area. Should be posted shortly. You can also post your email and he will get in touch with you.
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