8.1 Sail performance and handicap

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I'm new to this forum, but have been sailing lasers since 1990; to be honest not really as I spent from about 1992 to 2008 without racing but it sounds better the other way. Recently I've been doing reasonably well in the club racing almost always in the top 3 sometimes first (of about 7-8) but suffer I think from an old sail (8 years old) and my weight of 110kg. I think that sets enough of where I'm at. Now I'm thinking of getting the Rooster 8.1 sail, mainly for races run based on yardstick, and to help my gravity endowed body compete. I've read stuff from the Rooster website but would like to hear an impartial review, also I understand they use 1053 handicap in a UK based system but need to know how that converts to VYS (Victorian Yardstick) to be used in Australia.
Some advice and thoughts please.