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'78 Laser Standard, $675 in Los Angeles


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I've priced this one low for two reasons: #1, I have another boat on the way; #2, the deck is uniformly soft all the way around. TRAILER IS NOT INCLUDED!!

Most of you will probably be more concerned about #2 than #1 so I'll just say a few things about that. The deck is soft, yes, but I have had this boat out on the water every weekend this summer and it has performed like a champ. A soft deck makes for a somewhat flexy boat so you are probably not going to dominate your local regattas, but for fun recreation and a good learning platform this boat is great. Here are details as they occur to me:

--Mast step is totally solid, does not leak and never has as long as I've had the boat. I recently poured 1/4" or so of West 105 in the bottom to make sure it continues not to leak. I poured it the correct way, tilting the boat so that that the new bottom is perpendicular to the BACK of the mast hole so that when you're underway and the mast is tensioned, you have 100% of the possible contact surface bearing the force of the mast.

--All hardware and lines are in great shape. Sail is has some wear but is completely sailable.

--Hiking strap is not installed but I have it (took it off just before I shot these pictures to make some sewing repairs).

--Spars are in great shape, straight and true without undue wear.

--Blades have some cosmetic wear but are in good shape. I just sanded and revarnished the wood tiller.

--COMES WITH A DOLLY. It's not a Saitek or anything fancy, but is a completely serviceable dolly that the previous owner made according to plans you've probably seen on the internet. Works fine to cart the boat around the yard or down to the water if you live close.

--After a day out on the water, the boat usually has a cup or two of water inside it. I have not tried to track down the leak but I'm sure you could if you tried. Here's what I can't figure out: when you open the drain plug, you can hear the hiss of air from what is apparently an airtight hull. But there's still water inside! How is a hull airtight but not watertight? Anyway, as I said, there's not a lot of water in there, but I mention it in the spirit of full disclosure.

--I have tons of receipts and records for the boat, including THE ORIGINAL SALES RECEIPT dated July 16, 1978 from Mountain Laser Sales at Lake Arrowhead, California (cost $1065.00 brand new!). Chain of title is clean and registration is up to date.

Overall, a great first boat for someone who wants to get into the sport or doesn't want to spend a lot of money. Nothing needs to be done to this boat before you sail. Just put her on the water and go! She's been a blast for me all summer out of Marina del Rey and Long Beach. If I could figure out how to upload it, I'd show you a movie I shot last weekend while sailing on a screaming broad reach in Long Beach with the boat planing like brand new.

Email me at glcommercial2@comcast.net if interested (do it directly as for some reason I don't get emails sent through the board) or call me at 323 788 8520. Price is low and firm. Must pick up.

I just clicked "preview post" and the photos didn't show up, although it shows that they've been uploaded. Maybe they'll show up when I actually post it. If not, send me an email and I'll forward the photos.