'78 AMF Mini Fish

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This is an amazing little Fish! Sails great and everything work.I sailed it just last week (as I write this) and it's just a joy to sail.I bought this from a man who had stored it in his barn for many years, which explains why the gelcoat is still so shiny. There are scratches from where he moved it around in the barn from time to time. The sail is still crisp, with no tears or holes. The mainsheet is brand new and the rudder and daggerboard are in great shape also. Cockpit drain works like a charm as does the cockpit auto bailer.

She's very water tight: never have I gotten any water out through the drain plug so no issues or extra weight like some.

This also includes a not quite completed sissor lift cart that I used to transfer the boat from cradle to the back of the SUV. It could also be used to put the boat in the water when it's finished.


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I already have a minifish, and its great! But I used to live in Olathe, and its not exactly a sailing Mecca. Where did you go sailing? Clinton Lake in Lawrence is about the only place I can think of. I can't imagine sailing on Olathe Lake!
Hillsdale, Clinton, Perry and Jacomo... only time I've been on Lake Olathe was with an inflatable raft. Haven't been to Stockton yet but I will.
We have canoed all of those except Jacomo. We visited there many times, though, and were always impressed by the number of very large sailboats on such a tiny lake, but I am from Boston so perhaps my sense of scale was a bit different from theirs.
Stockton would be great if you are sailing, buy my canoe just got blown all over the place. We were camping at Lawrence lake when a mid-vacation doctors appointment informed us that our first child was on her way. We left Olathe to head back east on Christmas Eve 1988. Great memories of our much younger days! Good luck with the Minifish!