'77 Laser Full Rig (no sail) $500

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1977 Full rig for sale. Hull is in good conditon. Solid Mast Step - no leaks. Good spars, Mahogany rudder/centerboard in rough shape (needs refinishing). No sail. Email rhartt@netzero.com or call (315) 655-5679 with any questions.
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Not interested in parting the boat yet, but I do have a spare bottom section that I'd sell for $100. It's black anodized. Can get a picture if you want.
You expressed an interest in the dolly - I'll let you have the dolly and bottom section for $300 total.
Or - boat & dolly $700
- Dolly and cover $300
-Cover and boat $550
-dolly, cover and bottom section $385
-blade bag, bottom section, dolly $320
-boat, bottom section, cover $634
-cover, blade bag, bottom section $200
-bottom section, cover, blade bag, boat, dolly, $900
-large fries, coke, double cheeseburger $5.40
I have too much stuff............
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Thought this was sold, but apparently not. Another over the phone "hold it for me - I'll take it for sure" never to be heard from again. Will sell w/ a good sail for $600 or without for $500. Still have the cover & blade bag.
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