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73 mini fish I did a pressure test and found a leak in center board

signal charlie

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Clean the area and file/sand away any loose bits to get to a good base surface or clean edge.

For small cracks try Marine Tex Epoxy Putty, thickened epoxy like THIXO or Flexpoxy, or do a full blown fiberglass repair for bigger cracks.


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You mean the daggerboard slot?
Pictures will help...
Aren't we calling it the daggerboard
trunk? :oops:

By "leak", do you mean seeing white fiberglass damage from above? (About an inch below the deck).

If a Sunfish is stored up-side down, freezing temperatures can cause accumulated condensation to delaminate fiberglass layers within the trunk

('Trying to make a case for pictures :) )

Chris brown

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I did a pressure test and filled dagger board trunk with soapy water and found bubbles coming from trunk should I try to coat trunk with resin


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Do what you can without changing the size of the slot.... adding resin will decrease overall size, if you don't remove some material first. You don't want to end up with a "most excellent" repair, only to find out your daggerboard will no longer fit down the slot ;-(

I think most repairs are at either end of the slot, so you might be able to get a Dremel type tool in there to lightly grind the area that leaks...(with an extended bit....or custom make something to sand??) and then repair, using decent repair procedures.

signal charlie

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You need to find which part of trunk and address that area. File out cracked bits as needed and fill with thickened epoxy, maybe a little chopped glass or cloth patch as needed. No need to coat the entire trunk.