6:1 outhaul - diagram?

Is this still legal ? And I am in AUs and cant get onto drlaser is there a way to this site?

Dave Kirkpatrick said:
The instruction sheet that comes with both the Performance Upgrade and new Pro model boats from Vanguard should be quite clear, but here we go:
You have in the kit a 13' or so (I'm not looking at a contents list right now)long piece of pre-stretch, a 13' (or so) piece of 12 strand dyneema (which is fundamentally indifferentiable from Spectron 12, wonder why Shevy makes his comment about weight above other than to be a pest), a becket block, two single blocks and a short piece of thin Dyneema-cored line.
1. Take the piece of 12 strand, tie it to the outhaul eye aft on the boom. Run it through the grommet in the sail, back through the eye, then forward. Tie the becket block to the forward end of this line.
2. Take the short piece of dyneema cored line and tie a bowline onto one of the single blocks. Then wrap the other end of that line clockwise around the mast and through the bowline you tied to the single block, and tie the other single block to the end of this line. The first block you tied should be sort of hanging to the starboard side of the gooseneck, the other block should be sort of aft of the gooseneck.
3. Take the piece of pre-stretch, and tie one end to the becket on the becket block, then go forward and through the aft single block, back through the sheave on the becket block, forward through the other single block and down to the deck block.

If you like, a piece of shockcord tied between the clew and old outhaul cleat is good for a release spring.