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This week SAILX (a.k.a. Tacticat) will pass a nice threshold: more than half a million boats completing (legally) a race since we started.

That's a huge number!. And a nice accomplishment for a bunch of sailors that started this thing :)

Where we stand today?
- 4 servers in USA, Europe and Australia provide connectivity world-wide
- SAILX services (the racing mainly, but also the protest room, replay analysis and other functionalities) are available any time and any day (availability over 99.90%)
- More than 1000 starts per week
**** different race formats: fleet (70%), teams (25%), match-racing (5%)
**** different boat classes: laser-like (28%), catamaran (20%), skiff (22%), keel (18%), teams-boat (12%)

- Special races every day and every week and events with prizes almost every month (prizes usually trophies or GPS units but last year a couple of cats also).
- A team of seven juries struggle to cope with an average of 15 protests a day.
- The technical part (simulation software, connectivity, core technologies) is ok after several versions, after all this is not a bank application.
- The 'Behaviour issue' or how to moderate a (quite) anonymous and heterogeneous community interacting in the race course seems more or less under control.

Challenges we face in the near future
- Improve match-racing to the current fleet and team racing level
- The rules engine needs some important tweaks to address 'quantitative' rules (Rules 15 and 16.1, where the book requires for the right-of-way boat to give some room).
- Some effort has to be done to support non-english-speaking communities (although UK+USA+AUS+NZ sailors make 80% of the SAILX community)
- Having completed the migration from old Taticat to current SAILX we will move a step further to be able to provide SAILX services directly thru associated web sites.

SAILX is a free tool for sailors. We've started to work with sponsors and advertisers (someone has to pay) although a big effort is done to provide a clean interface.

You can find us at www.sailx.com