470 Worth

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This is not an add, I am not trying to sell my boat.

I recently bought a used 470, built by Jean Morin, 1974. Unfortunately this boat has been in storage most of its life, but when it has seen water, it was registered as a ‘motor sailor’- for 4 years in a row. The owner I purchased it from never sailed it, but had all of the original paper work (including the manual). The boat was built in France, and was obviously was cared for through several owners. The boat made a trip from France, thenreceived a few coats of paint and oil varnish, and was carefully stored indoors with all ports open.

The tanks are solid, however the bulkhead in the front is gone (*from what I can tell, this appears to be intensional and does not effect rigidity in high stress areas). Gelcoat is in great condition; it’s probably the boats second coat. Boat came with all running and standing rigging including a jib, main and a spinnaker that feel like new sails (most likely due to there lack of use). The boat was also sold with a small road trailer with registration.

Since buying the boat, I have refinished all of the teak (sanded down with new oil) and painted the floor (white). I have also set up the craft in the lawn to check all sheets.

I bought the boat and registered trailer for $500. Part of the reason that I bought this particular class was because I was looking for a fast planning dinghy that had enough sheets to keep me busy, I also like the efficiency of hiking/trapping. This is also the class boat my grandfather used to sail. Another reason I jumped on the purchase was that it sounded like a good investment, surely a hard sailboat is worth something?

So my questions: 1. If I needed to sell the boat for any reason, is there a market for used (old) dinghy sailboats?
2. Is this boat worth more than $500?

Please respond honestly, and take in consideration that this boat is not for sale, and will not be for a long long time. ;)