470 Vanguard Outhaul Help


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Trying to rig a old vanguard 470 and can't seem to find pictures or info on this particular main outhaul rigging. It has wire rope attached to clew and inside boom spliced to a small line with one end terminated at the forward end of the boom and the active end feeding through the bottom near V cleat and some missing hardware. There was a single block on the line. Reference picture below.

Could use help on what the missing hardware is on the forward end of the boom and how the block comes into play.
What a blast from the past... :)

IIRC, the block is attached to the boom with a strap.
The line runs from the hole in the boom, through the cleat and then down through the block.
You pull the end of the line to increase the outhaul tension, and release it by grabbing the line between the cleat and block.


Geoff S.
Thanks. Would said strap be permanently fastened to the bottom of the boom or a loop around boom?