470 Spinnaker Halyard Question


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I just bought a 470 and I have got most of the lines figured out enough to use the basic control lines. I have limited sailing experience and there are not a lot of rigging diagrams on 470.

I have one line one near the top of the mast that is on a roller above the side stays that is heading down the mast and I am not sure where it exits the mast but I see a roller at the bottom of the mast that is internal without a line. I was guessing the line might be the Spinnaker Halyard at the top and needs to be fished out of the mast and run out of the roller at the bottom. Where id goes from there and rigging a spinnaker I am not concerned about because I have never used a spinnaker but would like the secure the line and run it out the bottom if that is where it goes.

Any help much appreciated and ideas to fish it down appreciated if that is what it is.

Thank you


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It is the spinnaker halyard, going through the top exit block as it should. The other pictured block is likely its bottom exit block, but where is the tail inside the mast? Is it even fastened anywhere? If it is, undo the taped coil, and pull the line down along the mast, coil the rest again and throw it in the spinnaker bag (assuming that you have bags to begin with; if not, tie it to the mast below the deck).
If the halyard end inside the mast is loose, just pull the whole line out through the top exit block, and leave it on shore.

This is all assuming you won't use the spinnaker; if you change your mind, then post another message, and you'll receive further instructions :D