Expired 470 sailboat/sails for sale

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Lisa M

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Saint Joseph
Sailboat was made in 1972 and originally belonged to the St. Joseph Jr. Foundation sailing school, where I learned to sail (in the 70's). I bought it from a private owner and sailed it for a few years and then it was in storage for 10 years. The boat is for sale for parts, but was functional the last time I took it out. It has a Hobie boom but the mast, sails, spinnaker, tiller/rudder, etc. are original. It is currently trailered and the trailer is for sale too. I am not asking much $$ for this boat. Mostly, I just want it to be used to salvage another boat or be loved. Contact me if interested. I am willing help transport if buyer asks. Lisa
Hi Lisa,

I am in Three Oaks and sail 470s (new buffalo & LaPorte IN.) I assume our boat is an old vanguard? sure it isn't a 420?
You a member of the St Joe YC? I also do big boat racing, was thinking of checking the YC.

Connect with me off line,

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Hello Lisa, I also sailed on those boats (new) - There were 7 originally purchased with the money donated by the Tiscornia Family to the Yacht Club. 5 new Boats actually made it to the Boat House. The Boats were French made and very delicate in respect to the Skipjacks that they replaced.

In those days we needed to use a dolly to take them out of the Boat House down to the Turning Basin Boat Marina lift and use a T-Bar to get then in & out of the water.

They are a nice craft, light and nimble, and great to Trapeze with. The Yacht Club, Silver Beach, Lions Beach, and Jean Clock Park made for Great days.

Is it still available?


Tiscornia Family

Silver Beach
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