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Still alive :D. Been sailing the 470 an awful lot, even passed a Hobie 16 on a reach (though they flew by us on every other point of sail :confused:). We have only flown the Spinnaker a few times due to complexity and pure chaos it creates for us newbies to get it up/down and filled properly. Does the spinnaker pole attach to the guy in a fixed location, or should the guy be able to slide through the pole?

Thanks for all the help above, it’s been tremendously helpful in preparing the boat for the summer:D.
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(Yes I know that the trapeze isn’t properly fastened, there aren’t battens in the sails, and I haven’t added tell tails yet)


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The first thing I thought seeing the first picture was "get some battens... at least a top batten!" Heh. But great to see that boat on the water!

Yes, the guy has to slide through the pole end fittings (it would be a pain if it didn't). You should still fly the spinnaker and adjust the pole height so that the pole end practically touches the sail.

The trapeze system looks fine, you just want to shorten the wires a bit. You can see in the last picture that the crew will have a hard time coming in when the handle is that low (and btw he's holding it with the wrong hand).

Would be nice to see what the tillercam has recorded!

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Yes, battens are on the list ;). I bought crimps for the wire, but I do not have a crimping tool. Would smushing the crimps in a vice be adequate?


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I don't think a vice would work because you want to squeeze the crimp from all directions at once. Ask at your club if someone has the right tools, or where they get their wire work done.

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Battens - would 420 batten kit suffice? I would like to just purchase a bunch of stock (then I could batten the Holder 14’s sail as well (which may not do much good since that sail is the consistency of a black garbage bag :confused:)). How flexible should a batten be? Do all battens in the sail have the same amount of flexibility?
The 420 main has four battens (the 470 has only three), and they most likely don't fit into a 470 main (probably too short). You better order a real 470 set of battens from North or Ullman. I have a hard time posting links until Monday, but I'll see what I can find then.