45 Years in the family

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That is a clean boat. The deck just shines. My old Sunfish is in pretty good shape but yours is immaculate for an older boat. Can you imagine getting another forty-five years from it?
Thank you. It is super clean; the dirty bits inside fell from the tree it was under when we rolled the trailer into the yard. To give you some insight as to how well it was taken care of, my dad told me that it needs solid wax to get it looking good again (seriously). I can imagine getting another 45 years out of the boat and hope it gets that!
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You're going to expose THAT Sunfish to water? :eek:
Just fresh water. Midwest living! It was used pretty heavily from when it was bought to around 20 years ago. So, in great condition with effectively 25 years of use. But there will be a lot of care taken with this boat. My dad is notorious for babying his floating toys.


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My buddy Greg who I taught to sail scored a "used" Sunfish like that. It was totally pristine. I named his boat for him. I called it, The Museum Piece.

Like you were visiting the Museum Of Sailing Dinghies History and there was a 1976 Sunfish that the museum had acquired when the boat was brand new, still in the shrink wrap, and put it immediately on display.

Yes... you don't want to put that boat in the water. It's too nice. :cool:

- Andy