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4349 Blind Squirrel for sale


I'm debating to sell or not 4349. She is the Blind Squirrel that won the Worlds in Newport with Brad Read. He race record is exceptional.
1989 TPI boat that has all the speed work done. New Zealand Sparloft mast.
She does need a bottom job as the white VC Epoxy has cracked.
She comes with club racing sails.
This is the fastest J24 I've ever sailed. After only a few months with her, she took us to a 2nd place finish at the 2019 Changing of the Colors.
I would be open to selling only if an owner was going to race her hard. That's what she is meant to do. Off the line she comes out higher and faster than any other boat we've race on!
Open to offers.


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Biggest question is if it comes with a trailer. I'm in Dallas, Tx. & looking for a race ready boat for Nationals in 2022 right up the road from here. Need time to get a crew ready without having to work on the boat too much. Raced J29's in my younger years. I know of Brad Read. I used to sail with Kelson Elam of Flying Dutchman fame. Fast is good. Higher intrigues me. I'd also being buying unseen, so anything that needs work, I would be interested in pictures of it.


We are entering a lock down due to covid. It might take a few weeks to get to my boat. I'll send you a message so we can exchange emails.