$4000 Laser For Sale Lots of Extras Worcester, MA

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Race ready Laser std. for sale in Worcester, MA. The following comes with the boat:

Sail and entire rig (mast and boom)
3 Rudder Blades (2 like new)
2 Centerboards
2 48" Tillers
1 48" Fatso Tiller
Extra blocks for cunningham/ outhaul upgrades
Drysuit (needs small repair but can be fixed for under $50)

Check the boat out at http://sports.webshots.com/album/574201310zphfEX

This is a great racing boat with a lot of extras. Willing to negotiate on the price if the boat is picked up within the next two weeks. Email me at Jeremy.Bamberg@gmail.com if you have any questions or offers. Pictures can be taken if needed and sent via e-mail. Thanks,
Not open for further replies.