3 Lasers and a 5 laser trailer for sale Michigan

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I'm selling 3 Lasers with a 5 laser single axel trailer. Boats are 1984, 1988 and a 1991. All raced in the Great Lakes Championships last year on Gull Lake all finished in the top half of the 78 boat fleet. 2 have 2006 rigs, other has a 1999 rig. Sails are older (80's & 90's), foils are newer (1998-2005). All boats in good shape for their ages, $5500 takes the works or if sold individually 1984 $1400 (Blue), 1988 $1600 (blue/white) & 1991 $1800 (white). Boats can be viewed at the Gull Lake yacht club freshly washed and waxed on the trailer.

Don Zinn
9420 Whim Trail
Richland, Michigan 49083
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Adding additional trailer views with the boats, did not think to picture each prior to loading them on the trailer.

Which of the four Lasers on the trailer is not included? I'm quite interested, our local club has a youth program and this may be just what they need. And I'm looking for a laser myself.

did you make this trailer? what do you use to tie the boats down during transport? the trailer looks like a 4x8 foldable trailer i bought from Northern Tool that i am thinking about converting to a laser trailer.
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Purchased the trailer used. It was originally used to transport sunfish & lasers. There are holes through the ends of the angled arms for tie downs. Not a foldable trailer, not sure who the original manufacturer was?

i called last night and was interested but logistics are preventing me from making a deal for one of the remaining boats. :(

thanks for talking with me and good luck with the sale of the last two boats and trailer.

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Lasers don't have jibs, laser2's have jibs. I'm 140 miles due east of Chicago. If you buy 2 Kid Swimming Noodles from the dollar store and some cordage you can make a $5 roof rack second to none.