3/8/09 Race Results

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I raced the Capri 14.2 on Saturday. We started the races an hour late from lack of wind. So, I had to ask for a tow out from the Marina. We were forecasted for 5-8 mph of wind throughout the day. It just didn't show up until 1pm. We sailing 4 races.

The wind ended up blowing strange all day. It went from nothing to blustery in seconds, and shifting and turning all day. It started out of the east, then in no time flat it was out of the west. I think two of our starts we were on a reach. One race the winds started howling at the 5 minute horn, then nearly quit completely when we had the starting horn. The little boats are sure easy to spin around near the start compared to the bigger boats. Me and the Apollo had several awesome starts. I couldn't watch my GPS very much, but I caught a glimpse of 6.8mph during one of the gusts. I mostly used the GPS for my 5 minute timer for the start sequence.

Our first race we did the typical triangle with 1 lap; second was a sprint to the windward mark and back; the third was a big V - windward mark, back to the start buoy, then to the leeward mark then back to the finish; and the fourth race was another sprint to windward and back.

In the third race I got up on the rail a couple of times in some big gusts, but for most of the day I was shifting from the high side, to the center, and often to the low side of the boat in the very light air. The water was still cold for north Georgia, but once the sun came out during the first race, it was in the mid 70's for the rest of the day. I was on the water for just over 4 hours.

I raced in the A fleet in my 89 Capri against an Apollo 16, Hunter 22, and a MacGregor 26D. The B fleet was a Catalina Capri 22, Catalina 28, and another boat about 26' (I'm forgetting the make.)

For all of the races, the wind was blowing on part of the course but fading on other parts. The MacGregor found the wind that no one else found and beat the fleet by 10 minutes. The rest of the fleet finished pretty close. The rest of the races were a whole lot closer.

The lighter boats really were favored in the lighter air. My corrected finishes were 2nd, 2nd, 1st, and 1st. I crossed the finished line first in the 4th race, I think in the 3rd race as well.

Another club member sold his J24 and will be racing his J29 against us future races. I'm curious how that will turn out.

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Want a 14.2 Capri

Any suggestions where I might find a 14.2 in good shape in the Atlanta area. I sail on LAke Arrowhead outside of Canton, GA.

Thanks, Marty