2nd Annual Leukemia Cup 24-hour Endurance Race


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The Leukemia Cup
24 hour Endurance Race

Start: Noon, Saturday, May 26, 2007

Finish: Noon, Sunday, May 27, 2007

Location: Leatherlips Yacht Club

A unique race - A great cause

Announcing the 2nd Leukemia Cup “24 hours at LYC”! Get a team together for one of the most unique regattas in the country and race your one-design for 24 straight hours. Beginning at 12 Noon May 26th, competitors will begin racing laps on the one mile course, battling for top honors in this true test of both speed and endurance. Racers will compete through the afternoon, evening, night and morning- right on to the finish at 12 Noon the following day.

Last year this fundraiser for charity as was a great success for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and a true test of endurance for the sailors with over 400 miles completed by 16 teams. This year we hope to raise even more for LLS and sail even further! All types of boats compete against each other using a modified Portsmouth handicap system, allowing all teams to compete for the title. However, if 3 or more boats of the same class start, separate class awards will be given in addition to the overall standings.

Teams can switch crew, sails, etc. (everything but the hull) as often as they like, but these pit-stops will eat into your lap time, so plan them carefully. Fleets and clubs are encouraged to pick their fastest boat and split up the sailing between 4-6 crews. You may also test your own personal endurance and sail 24 hours with a single crew (as a Laser and Thistle team did last year).

There is great on-shore entertainment and food at the club house, so your team will have a good time when they are not in the boat as well. Camping is available if your team wants to set up “H.Q” at the club, and the club house has full bath and kitchen facilities for every ones use.

No matter what the approach, proper planning, teamwork and most of all, endurance, will take home the honor of finishing the 24 Hour race at LYC!

* Do you want to sail but don’t have a team?
* Do you want to volunteer to help but don’t want to sail?
* Do you want to donate to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society or sponsor a team?

Contact AJ Savage and we can help with all of the above.