25 Years Ago Today

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Sorry for reminding the predominantly American readership of this Forum of what must have been a painful time for them 25 years ago today.

However, especially for the Aussies and anyone in Australia at that time, it was a totally unforgettable experience.

The whole nation became instant armchair yachting experts and you couldn't buy a national or boxing kangaroo flag anywhere as all the shops and factories had sold out.

It seemed like everyone without exception stayed up all night to watch the final race.

I can't remember any other sporting event that affected a nation so much.

So do any other readers have memories of the day Australia II "Came from a Land Downunder" and won the America's Cup? What was it like in America?

Rob B

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Disbelief for me. However, I loved the Aussie style! They did it with class and DC had to cheat his way through the event just to keep it close. Remember the multiple measurement certificates Liberty had? They would carve out lead during the lay day if the forecast looked light and ad if it looked windy?

However, to this day there has never been a cup event like Perth in 1987. Not because DC won the cup back, but the racing was the most exciting ever! The "doctor" could bring the carnage!

The closest we have been since was the 2000 cup challenger trials when Cayard raced Prada for the finals. Other than that it has ALL sucked!


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As a US citizen, I didn't feel any pain about the Aussie team winning that year. In fact, it was very healthy for another country to take possession of the Cup.

Somewhat in contrast to Rob's comment, the 2007 Cup final off Valencia was pretty exciting too. Too bad the Cup is now floating around in sewage....