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2017 Laser with many extras


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2017 Laser Performance Laser 212xxx with Right on trailer, Dynamic dolly, class legal full sail (not blown out yet, but getting worn), nearly new intensity full, nearly new intensity radial, class legal radial spar, Colie sausage bag for sail, Colie deck cover (getting worn, but still ok), Colie blade bag, rooster carbon tiller and hiking stick, zhik hiking strap, light air and heavy air mainsheet, wind indicator, upgraded: traveler line, out haul arrangement, traveler block, daggerboard bungee. The only reason I’m selling is because I don’t have time for it. The boat is ready to race!



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Hello, very interested in buying this boat but have a few questions.
Is the boat class legal?
Could I see pictures of the trailer.


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Yes, the boat is completely class legal in full rig mode, only needs a class sail to be legal in radial mode.

The trailer was purchased new along with the boat at the end of 2017. It is completely structurally sound and I wouldn’t hesitate to tow the boat 1000+ mi on it. The hubs, springs, and axles are fine. It also comes with a mounted spare tire. The right on system is very convenient and solid, but lacking in workmanship. The paint started to flake within months of purchase and the lights did not get good continuity to ground literally when leaving the dealership. I replaced the built in lights with magnetic lights which do not have to get left out in the elements. They are included and eliminate many shortcomings with the built in wiring. In short, the trailer is fine, but could probably use a coat of paint.


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Yes, the trailer has some surface rust. This is normal with right on trailers. The trailer is a 2017 and solid. This is cosmetic at this point. The boat is still available.