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2017 Laser Radial, standard model,-unused and stored in heated garage on gunwale supports


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Price $
Purchased in 2018 from Triton Yacht Sales, Oriental, NC. Trailered to my garage. Never used. Health issues.
Includes all below:

2017 Laser Radial(standard model)-unused & garaged $5,844
2018 Right-On Dolly Trailer and Dynamic Dolly Laser Combo-one trip home & garaged $1,175

New and Unused Laser Sailboat Gear and Accessories:

Laser Handbook by Paul Goodison
International Class Association 2019 Handbook
Laser Radial 2 part mast and boom
Laser blue canvas 3 sleeve spar bag with carrying straps $122
Laser Radial numbered sail, batten set mo#286742, and sail bag
Standard Laser race vang system
Standard Laser race kit 2(LP10401), outhaul & cunningham system
Spliced laser traveler($33)
Laser rudder, tiller & tiller extension
Laser daggerboard and elastic strap/cord to boat
Laser performance deck cover, elastic border with hull straps $296

*items purchased from Annapolis Performance Sailing, with cost

*Laser 140 orange Laser Pro spliced outhaul single-berry $45
*Laser 120 orange Laser Pro spliced cunningham $53
green line with plastic handle for cunningham
*Laser 105 APS laser Pro daggerboard downhaul kit $39
*Laser 161 Laser Outhaul Pro setup 47-C $121
*RST017 Rooster Laser clew strap $20
*Laser 110 Laser Pro clew inhauler $47
*mast line to deck
*Harken canvas carrying bag for daggerboard, rudder,
and tiller/extension $168

Total cost $7,930



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I live outside of Boone, in the mountains, wester NC. Thanks, David
the right on trailer is good for highway speeds.