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2016 Laser - Excellent Condition- Long Beach


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Long Beach
selling my 2016 Laser. It was a charter boat from the worlds in Puerto Vallarta, then I sailed it for 2018 and haven't sailed it in 2019 or since September 2018. Just went through it with a professional boat detailer and the boat looks amazing. Polished the hull, fixed any little gelcoat issue. Looks brand new.

GRP Blades - perfect condition
new Colie Blade Bag, Zhik hiking strap, Harken Ratchet Block.
Mark 2 full rig sail - has a few regattas on it but still race-worthy
Fatso Jr tiller extension with recently replaced swivel
new Acme carbon tiller
Rooster top cover (new in 2019)
Yard dolley (the nice low kind that is easy to launch from and is stackable)
Boom, full rig bottom section, aluminum top section
Does not include bottom cover or carbon top section.
Two mainsheets lightly used, Harken Vang and Blocks on everything. Rigging is perfect.