2015 Laser Performance XD Radial Fantastic Condition

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Sail Number 209642
Newly refinished hull, kept in dry and temperature controlled storage off season. This laser has won numerous regattas and has been raced at the World Championship. Meticulously kept.

Complete dolly: tires hold air and dolly is in great shape;
Spars: used once (less than 3 hours) perfect condition/race quality;
Laser radial sail: practice sail; set of battens and additional upper batten;
Blades: rudder and centerboard recently wet sanded and kept in a temperature controlled room (very good condition).
Carbon fiber tiller + Racing tiller extension: perfect condition/race quality
Rigging + Sheets + Control lines

Covers: Sail bag; Blade bag; Boom bag; Three piece spar bag; Top Deck Cover; Bottom Hull Cover

Included Free: 2x Mast fixed and detachable wind indicators with a third extra arm
1x Mast top and detachable wind indicator with 3 extra spikes
Extra bungee, mainsheet block, and Cunningham block

Optional purchase:
2015 Karavan Car Trailer: Brand new wheels and tires; 2 spare tires, Double bunk can fit two lasers, optis, or 420s; sail tube, winch and double spar rack ($1,000)
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